13.6 Inches Blue Light Filters

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  • ✜ 👀【 Snap-on Magnetic Screen Protector 】-- Equipped with magnetic placement, simply slap on this blue light screen protector without the need of any adhesives, messy tape, or other tricky installation procedures. Easily remove or reattach our slip-proof anti glare screen protector when required for superior eye protection without having the fear of causing any damage to your screen! This blue light shield doesn’t lift off the screen near the bottom or affect its clarity
  • ✜ 👀【 Widely Compatible Blue Light Filter 】-- Featuring precise cutout for the camera and reinforced design for greater resistance to wear/tear, this protective screen protector doesn’t cover important widgets on your screen and enables access to all functions and controls of the device. This anti-glare screen protector is ideal for MacBook Air 13.6 (2022, M2), A2681.
  • ✜ 👀【 Thoughtfully Designed Scratch Protector 】-- With a 95% ultra-transparency rate that preserves the original screen brightness to reduce eye strain, our blue light screen filter is resistant to fingerprints, smudge-proof, anti-reflective, and anti-glare. Designed to protect your screen from scratches, dust, scrapes, and normal signs of everyday use; these blue light screen blockers don’t blur or fog up your screen and cause air bubbles to form underneath.
  • ✜ 👀【 Best Blue Light Computer Screen Filter 】-- Filtering up to 61% of blue light and up to 95% of UV light to help minimize eye fatigue, our 5-layered MacBook Air screen protector reduces the effects of blue light waves between 420-460 nanometers. Great for students, office staff, elderly, and short-sighted people, this blue light blocking filter allows you to work for longer hours more comfortably, and eliminates the need to wear protective eyewear.
  • ✜ 👀【 Hassle-free Laptop Blue Light Filter 】-- Our ultra-thin blue light blocking computer screen protector will be barely noticeable on your screen. When the screen protector (fingerprint) is attached, your laptop may not completely close but sleep mode will still be supported. Our blue light protector for laptop is made in strict compliance with stringent quality standards to ensure that you receive only high-quality products.
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What is blue light?

A constituent of the visible band or region of light, blue light has a relatively shorter frequency and is not completely filtered out by the human eyes. While the sun is the most prevalent source of this light in nature, in everyday life it is mostly emitted by electronic devices leading to various issues like headaches, eye strain, dryness, and clouded sight.
A unique combination of state-of-the-art optical technology and easy usability, Vintez Blue Light Filters for Computer Screens were developed by a team of leading researchers and eminent scientists working together. A simple yet effective solution, the blue light screen shield shields both your delicate eyes and sensitive data.

What is a laptop blue light filters?

Made from a very high strength and transparent acrylic material, monitors blue light filters are a physical layer applied on digital displays to deflect up to 90% of dangerous blue light emissions without any resultant discoloration.

What is the functioning process behind blue light screen shield?

By preventing shorter high-frequency waves while letting longer waves with less frequency to move through; these screen filters protect the eyes are a wise preventative choice rather than a later cure.

Where are they typically used?

Mostly required for client-based work in open spaces or office settings due to, these filters can also be used for screens at home or school.

How do I choose the right one?

Stop letting this question haunt you and place your complete faith in it! Listed below are a few tips to consider while on the lookout for a filter screen:

  1. Measure your complete screen to ensure a proper fit. At Vintez, we provide a wide range of sizes between 14 to 23 inches in length to ensure that you find to get the right fit.
  2. Take into consideration the extra benefits that you desire like display protective features, exterior finish (smooth or matte), privacy, etc.

What are the benefits associated with using a blue light blocking screen filter?

Apart from receiving complete eye protection; several other health advantages are attributed to the use of these filters are better sleep quality, reduced eye strain, fewer headaches, etc.