How can I be sure the Flter will Fit my monitor screen?

To make sure you are buying an appropriate filter, check the specifications on the monitor or monitor packaging, and follow our guidelines to measure the screen size diagonally. Manufacturers often include the screen frame when measuring.

How does the filter work?

The filter has micro louvers that limit the angle at which the screen remains clear. Filtering the light coming from both sides, it makes the screen visible only to the person sitting in front of it, which means anyone to the left or right of you sees.

Is the filter removable?

Yes, it is. You can attach it either temporarily or permanently.

    1. Temporary attachment:
      โ€“ Using plastic tabs, you can attach the filter to your monitor without leaving adhesive residue on the screen.
      This option is recommended for users of Bevel Edge or Raised Edge monitors.
    2. Permanent attachment:
      โ€“ Despite the name, this method of attaching the filter does allow you to remove the filter with ease, should such a need arise.
      Attach it using the double-sided adhesive stickers provided.

    How to ensure extreme privacy?

    Here is how you can use the filter to achieve the best results:

    1. The filter works best in well-lit rooms.
    2. To regulate your confidentiality level, adjust your monitor brightness. If your screen is very bright, it can affect filter performance.
    3. When attaching the filter, make sure the Glossy side is facing out.

    Is the filter anti-glare?

    Yes, the filter has two sides: the Glossy one enables you to use it for Privacy, and the other Matte side is an Anti-Glare filter.

    How does the filter help alleviate eye fatigue?

    The filter reduces the exposure of your eyes to UV by 96% and curbs Blue Light by 65%.

    What is included?

    The package you will get includes the following:

    1. Privacy filter
    2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    3. Optically clear adhesive attachment strips
    4. Slide mount tabs
    5. Installation Instructions
    6. Extra installation kits

    Where can I obtain more adhesive tape?

    Please send us a letter, and we will provide you with extra adhesive tape.

    Brightness and Lighting:

    - Reduce your computerโ€™s monitor brightness and improve lighting in the room to enhance filter performance.
    - For Privacy, attach the filter with the glossy side facing outwards.
    - If you want to use the Anti-Glare filter, attach it with the matte side facing outwards.


    Monitors advertised as 24-inch can be of different sizes and have different aspect ratios. Some 24-inch monitors can have a different actual size or aspect ratio, including the following:

    1. 24โ€ with the aspect ratio of 16:9

    2. 24โ€ with the aspect ratio of 16:10

    3. 23โ€ or even 23.6โ€


    If you have a Dell, LG or ViewSonic 24-inch monitor, before purchasing, please make sure your monitor is really a 24-inch one, as many of their 24-inch monitors are actually 23.8" or smaller when measured. Please measure your monitor before making a purchase, as there are two sizes of widescreen 24-inch monitors.