About Us

Information is more important than ever before and revealing a signal confidential detail (be it passwords, bid data or your digital identify) to a lurking-around stranger or a known person with intentions of digital theft or visual hacking could put you in an exploitable position.

We, at Vintez Technologies, make your life more secure by ensuring safer use of computers and laptops in public spaces such that visibility from most other angles except yours is blocked, i.e., others can only see a dark screen. We understand that it is unavoidable to use computers or laptops in areas in which we are often surrounded by people, and our quest to be able to deal with the problem smartly led us to this incredible solution, while the fact that the problem was shared by masses encouraged us to establish this company in 2011.

Our products use best-in-class technology and have already been embraced by a large group of people, making us a trustworthy brand that not only cares about visual theft but even about the vision of the people who have to spend their entire day in front of a screen.

Our screen protectors go a step ahead, and also offer protection against UV and Blue Light – making them indispensable and dependable solution for everyone.

Moreover, our friendly customer support is always reachable and happy to help you – be it making the right choice, any other concerns or queries.