15 Inches Laptop Blue Light Filters

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  • ✜ 👀【 Snap-on Removable Screen Protector 】-- Equipped with a removable design, simply place this compatible with MacBook blue light screen protector without the need for any adhesives, messy tape, or other tricky installation procedures. Easily remove or reattach our slip-proof anti-glare screen protector when required for superior eye protection without having the fear of causing any damage to your screen! This blue light shield doesn’t lift off the screen near the bottom or affect its clarity.
  • ✜ 👀【 Widely Compatible Blue Light Filter 】-- Featuring precise cutout for the camera and reinforced design for greater resistance to wear/tear, this protective screen protector doesn’t cover important widgets on your screen and enables access to all functions and controls of the device. This anti-glare screen protector is ideally compatible with MacBook Air 15.3 (2023), A2941.
  • ✜ 👀【 Thoughtfully Designed Scratch Protector 】-- With a 95% ultra-transparency rate that preserves the original screen brightness to reduce eye strain, our blue light screen filter is resistant to fingerprints, smudge-proof, anti-reflective, and anti-glare. Designed to protect your screen from scratches, dust, scrapes, and normal signs of everyday use; these blue light screen blockers don’t blur or fog up your screen and cause air bubbles to form underneath.
  • ✜ 👀【 Best Blue Light Computer Screen Filter 】-- Filtering up to 61% of blue light and up to 95% of UV light to help minimize eye fatigue, our 5-layered compatible with MacBook Air screen protector reduces the effects of blue light waves between 420-460 nanometers. Great for students, office staff, elderly, and short-sighted people, this blue light blocking filter allows you to work for longer hours more comfortably, and eliminates the need to wear protective eyewear.
  • ✜ 👀【 Hassle-free Laptop Blue Light Filter 】-- Our ultra-thin blue light blocking computer screen protector will be barely noticeable on your screen. When the screen protector (fingerprint) is attached, your laptop may not completely close but sleep mode will still be supported. Our blue light protector for laptop is made in strict compliance with stringent quality standards to ensure that you receive only high-quality products.
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What are Laptop Blue light filters?

Are you facing eye strain, eye fatigue, or headaches due to the long hours you spend in front of your laptop screen that emits harmful blue light? Are you looking for an effective solution that will help solve this problem that could affect your health in the long run? Introducing Vintez advanced blue light filters for computer screens that are an effective layer of protection and safety that can be externally applied to your laptop screen and is sure to have you covered. Laptop blue light filters are sure to make your laptops super secure and keep you protected from unhealthy emissions.

Do they Really work?

There has always been a debate about the efficiency and performance of laptop blue light filters and whether they really block out anything at all. But on the contrary, the feedback we receive from our customers tells a different story. People have seen a considerable difference in their experience after they have installed our blue light screen shield that has helped people overcome migraines, vision problems, and more!

1. Superior All Round Protection – Now not only can you prevent blue light from computer screens affect you but you can also be safe from any UV light that you may have to encounter as a side effect of any job. Successfully filter out 420nano meters – 460nano meters of high energy blue light.

2. Slim & Stylish – The super fine and slim build is sure to blend into your computer screen like a second skin to point that you can tell the difference after you have applied this screen filter for blue light. Maintain the ultra-thin profile of your laptop without compromising on style!

3. Mess Free Installation – Don’t worry about any glue leaving behind residue on your screen or this filter damaging your precious laptop, as we have a residue free, stick-on adhesion system grip to your screen securely and can be put on or removed in matter of seconds.

Are You Going to Choose Vintez?

Committed to creating a reliable daily living environment for our clients to give them safer and healthier solutions to keep leading their lives consciously, Vintez is working on developing important products that are efficient and will prevent your eyes from being ruined and we give the utmost priority to our customers when they have an unpleasant experience.