19.5 Inches Monitor Blue Light Filters

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✜ 👀【 Reduces Eye Strain 】-- Reduce Eye Strain and associated discomfort by reducing your exposure to UV and blue light. Our blue light blocking screen protector filters out up to 61% of blue light and up to 99% of UV light to help minimize eye fatigue. 💡 The Blue Light Screen Protector doesn’t have an Anti-Glare function.
✜ 👀【 Blocks Blue Light & UV Light 】-- 5-Layer Design of our blue light filter reduces the effects of blue light waves from 420-460 nanometers. An optically transparent adhesive layer and transmittance of at least 85% ensure image clarity without pixelation.
✜ 👀【 Ideally Compatible 】-- Universally Compatible with all 19"-19.5" monitors. If the active area of your display has the following dimensions: Width: 16 1/16" (16.1 inches/408 mm), Height: 10 1/16" (10 inches/255 mm) OR Width: 16 1/2" (16.5 inches/419 mm), Height: 10 3/8" (10.4 inches/263 mm) OR Width: 17" (17 inches/433 mm), Height: 9 5/16" (9.3 inches/237 mm), then this filter is good for you. Contact us if you have any questions about dimensions.
✜ 👀【 Protects Your Monitor 】-- Extend Monitor Longevity by protecting your screen from scratches and dirt. Acting as an outer layer on your monitor, our computer screen protector keeps it free of dust. It comes with its own soft microfiber cleaning wipe. This versatile blue light protector for computer monitors is engineered to be ideally compatible with HP, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, LG, ViewSonic, and other monitor brands. It is even removable and reusable if you buy a new monitor.
✜ 👀【 Easy To Install 】-- Mounts Easily in seconds without tools or hardware. 💡Peel the matte protective film away from both sides of the blue light screen protector. Then position the turned edge over the monitor top. ✅ Lifetime Replacement Guarantee – Your blue light screen is protected under our lifetime replacement guarantee and if anything happens we will send you a new screen at absolutely no cost. You can relax worry-free, knowing you can rely on the help of Vintez Technologies.

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What is a Blue light screen shield for monitors?

Keep yourself protected while working long hours staring at your computer monitors as they are built with strong LED bulbs that give off blue light that could be harmful to your eye health in the long run. To prevent extended daily exposure to blue light, you can now add a shield for your safety with blue light filters for computer screens that will effectively block out the harmful blue light to protect eyes. A blue light filter is a thin film that you can apply on the screen as an extra layer for protection and will prevent any damage to your eyes due to exposure.

How do they help?

Digital screens have become an integral part of our lives today and they are there everywhere. The only way to shield yourself and minimize contact is to take protective measures, and the best way to do it is to get yourself a blue light filter screen protector. Give your eyes relief from pain, burning, or any strain, and enjoy your screen time worry-free! You will no longer have headaches after a long day at work or face blurry vision, or eye strain, if you install monitors blue light filters.

1.) Complete Coverage – Our versatile filters are sure to give you comprehensive coverage without leaving out even the tiniest corner for blue light to escape. You can use your device without stressing out.

2.) Ultra Thin – These screen protectors are designed to blend into your monitor screen like a second skin! There will be no ugly bulge as this filter is almost invisible and will not compromise your original style.

3.) Best Protection – Made from premium quality materials, our blue light screen shield is super fine grade and can effectively filter out 420nm – 460nm of high energy blue light. This screen filter can also filter out UV light to give you added care.

Why Go with Vintez?

Built using leading industry technology, every Vintez product is tested for its efficiency to give our customers only the best. We adhere to strict compliance and stringent quality standards during manufacturing. At Vintez, we are committed to serving our clients to give them a safer and healthier daily living environment.