20.1 Inches Privacy Screen for Computer & Laptop

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🛡️【 Enhanced Privacy 】-- Vintez Computer privacy screen filter is perfect for public and high traffic areas. It uses revolutionary micro-louver technology. The filter is Anti-Glare and Scratch Resistant! Please confirm the width and height measurements for your computer screen before ordering. We advise against making a selection based solely on a computer screen’s diagonal size.
🛡️【 Dark Screen For Others 】-- Clear view for you. The computer privacy filter makes the screen appear dark when looking at it from an angle (the angle is about 30°- 60°), but bright when looking directly at it. To change the privacy angle from 60° to 30° degrees - simply adjust your monitor’s brightness level.
🛡️【 Privacy Filter Dimensions 】-- If the active area of your display has the following dimensions: Width: 16 1/8" (16.1 inches/410 mm), Height: 12 1/8" (12.1 inches/308 mm) - Aspect Ratio 4:3, then this filter is good for you. Contact us if you have any questions about dimensions.
🛡️【 Doubles As Screen & Eye Protector 】-- Protects your eyes by filtering out 96% UV and curbing blue light by 65%. It’s a reversible privacy screen filter, giving you the flexibility to choose glossy or matte finish – Choose the matte to reduce external glare.
🛡️【 Easy Installation 】-- includes two, easy-to-attach options - Attachment strips and Slide-mount tabs. Package contains Extra installation kits (option 1 and 2). We guarantee all screen filters have 100% quality due to hand checking.

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Vintez’s superior and world-renowned privacy screen filters combine the best-developed features in the arenas of advanced optical technology and visual privacy. Our blackout screen filters protect you against visual hackers, physical screen damage, and screen glare.
We provide screen filter solutions for a wide range of products that are available in both glossy as well as matte finishes that are sure to keep your devices looking sleek and not bulky.

What are Privacy Filters for Computers?

A computer privacy screen, also known as a privacy monitor filter, is a thin plastic sheet that is applied to your desktop or laptop’s display panel to stop prying eyes from ever seeing private, confidential, and sensitive information.

Why use a filter for screen privacy?

We come across strangers who have no shame in peeking at our people’s laptop screens while out and about. This becomes inconvenient when dealing with sensitive information and this is where a computer privacy screen becomes an important requirement. Moreover, in the multi-national work environment in offices, often the clients want to assess how you can ensure the protection of their sensitive information – and this can be the real first line of defense in protecting important data. Designed to make the contents of your screen visible only to you and not others, gold privacy filters for laptops allow you to use your device in the office or even in public spaces without any worry.
Vintez privacy filter for the screen also prevents viewing from side angles and blocks harmful blue light to keep your eyes safe. Not only are our privacy products for PC ultra-slim and touchscreen compatible; but also reduce stress on your eyes due to glare, provide UV protection, prevent pixelation, blend seamlessly into your screen, and stop dust or scratches from building up on your monitors.

How Do black privacy filters work?

Screen privacy filters prevent others from accessing your display by eliminating peripheral visibility, which means that the screen can only be viewed by the person directly in front of it and not from the sides. Based on the principle of “dark screen for others but clear view for you”, Vintez privacy screens feature impressive functional effectiveness in restricting the visibility of your screen to people on either side of you!

How Are Privacy Filters Installed?

While installing privacy filters you need to be clear on whether this will be a permanent addition to your screen or only just a temporary one. Based on this you can choose the method of installation. At Vintez, we provide you with attachment strips and slide mount tabs to help you easily attach the filter to your screen in a matter of minutes without resorting to the use of bulky tools.